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Call to Action: Ready to Write your Resume? Let’s Get Started!


Writing a resume can be hard. Preparation will make your resume writing easier. Follow these five steps to get started. You’ll have a job-winning resume before you know it!

The resume writing process can be intimidating, for sure. It’s enough to cause anyone, whether entry level or executive, to break a sweat just thinking about it.

If you’re dreading the process of writing your resume, keep one thing in mind: preparation is the key to making this easier. Follow these preparation tips, and you’ll survive your first resume draft and launch your job search like a pro.  

1. Gather your notes

Before you begin to write — or even brainstorm — gather your notes and records. Whether you have a career that’s decades long or you are starting at square one, getting your notes together is a great starting point. Collect your education information, including your GPA, graduation dates, and any academic awards you’ve won. Make a list the names and addresses of your former employers and any written record of your special accomplishments.

2. Brainstorm

Do yourself a favor and don’t immediately launch into writing formal lines of text. Instead, take some time to jot down your former jobs, your professional achievements, your non-work activities, and anything that you consider a special skill. These items will form the backbone of your resume. But for now, don’t worry about formatting and organizing them. Just write them down.

3. Set up your document

After your brainstorming session, open a new document and create four subheadings. Title your subheadings “summary,” “skills,” “work experience,” and “education.”,

At the top of the page, type your professional name and add your contact information. You can change the format and layout of this information later. But for now, just writing it down will make you feel as though you’re truly on your way!

4. Start writing your resume!

Now it’s time to do the real work. Start populating your subheadings with the details of your career and personal profile. Keep your notes close by and be sure to include all of the achievements and skills that will capture an employer’s attention. Again, you don’t have to dot every I and cross every T just yet. At this point, simply formulate your thoughts and get them onto the page.

5. Proof, revise, and finalize

Before your resume is fully finished and ready to submit, go through several rounds of editing and proofreading. But once you reach this stage of the process, the finish line is just around the corner.

For help with any stage of the process, from formatting to editing to final presentation details, explore the resume creation tools available on LiveCareer.