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Call to Action: Get Ready for Seasonal Job Opportunities

If you hope to land a temporary job over the holidays, start looking for work this fall. Get your retail resume together and you’ll be ready for all of the seasonal job opportunities out there.


October is around the corner, and while this month is known for its signature pumpkin spice flavorings and Halloween décor, October also brings some special magic to the job market: seasonal staffing spikes. The holidays place huge demands on seasonal employers in retail, hospitality and other holiday-focused industries, and in order to fill the workplace with busy hands in December, most employers start requesting and reviewing applications in mid-fall. So if you’d like to take advantage of the coming wave of consumerism and holiday merriment, start putting the gears in motion right now. Here are a few moves that can help you create a stand out resume and land the position you need.

Highlight Your Customer Service Skills

No matter what you’ll be doing (stocking the warehouse, monitoring the website, or working the register), you’ll need to reassure your employers by demonstrating some experience with basic customer service. The holidays are a whirl in most seasonal workplaces, and you’ll need to wear several hats, no matter what your job title might suggest. Your most important roles will involve people skills and positive interactions with customers.

Demonstrate Quick Learning Ability and Good Judgement

Since your employer may not have time for a long, in-depth training period, you’ll have to jump in right away. You’re more likely to be hired if you demonstrate that you can learn quickly, exercise your judgement, and have excellent problem solving skills. Be sure to list examples of these abilities from your previous jobs on your resume. Use metrics to make these statements stand out.

Keep it Simple

For a seasonal position that won’t last more than a few weeks, keep your application simple. Your employers want workers who are reliable, who show up on time, who represent the company well and get the job done. They also want applicants who are friendly, clean, and efficient. Your professional background and your entire course of study won’t matter as much as they would for a permanent role. So limit your resume to one page and highlight your retail skills right away in your Skills section.

Streamline Your Search

Target your search and you’ll find a faster path to an offer. Look online for open positions, or better, simply go the company, store, boarding kennel, hotel, or restaurant and ask for application instructions in person.

Tap into Your Network: Your Friends

If your friend or roommate has a job lined up for the holidays, ask him or her to recommend you. Again, employers don’t have much time to launch a deep background investigation into every seasonal candidate, so a recommendation or strong testimonial from a trusted current employee can help you get in the door.

Show Respect for the Job

Sure, it’s just a retail job for the holidays. When you show up for the interview, you don’t have to wear a three-piece suit. However, it pays (and shows respect) to look professional and sharp. Make clear eye contact, smile, and present the kind of persona that the company would like to present to its customers. Follow the application instructions carefully and respond quickly if the employers send you an email or voice message. Demonstrate that you understand the pressures the season brings, and you’re here to help.

To land a seasonal position this fall and put some extra cash in your pockets over the holidays, turn to the resume samples, tips and job search tools on LiveCareer.